Louisville Tech Ladies is an inclusive community serving women in STEM industries throughout the Bluegrass region. If you’re a woman in any STEM field looking to meet & hang out with other amazing women, we’d love to meet you, too!

We get together monthly to network, learn from each other, and offer support. Meetings have time for networking and members giving short presentations on a variety of topics (projects I’m proud of, thing I learned, how to meditate, etc.). We plan to keep events free and on weekdays to make it easier for people to join us.

Above all, the idea is to give women a place where we can come together in a positive, supportive, and professional way.

If you want to spend more time with us, go to http://louisville.io/ and join the Slack team (you’ll find us in the #techladies channel). You can also find us on Meetup, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We can hardly wait to hear from you!

Note on STEM: STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These areas tend to have fewer women in their roles, which can lead to a sense of isolation. We formed this group so that women in these industries can find a community. And even if you’re not in a STEM role, we’d love to meet you!